Kanye West announced he is running for US president

Jul/05/2020 19:42:18

Kim Kardashian's husbund, Kanye West announced he run for presicent and also Elon Musk stand by Kanye West.

We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our future. I am running for president of the United State

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TS 2020-7-5 20:25;20
I never stand by him.

Anonymous 2020-7-5 20:36;55
Oh,men... He just kidding.

Anonymous 2020-7-5 22:06;22
It’s serious issue.
I’m tired because of Trump. Then next president might be Kanye.

Anonymous 2020-7-6 07:36;53
He is better than Trump.

Anonymous 2020-7-6 07:44;46
Trump manage his company but Kanye doesn’t have experience for management.

K 2020-7-6 23:04;23
no way!

Anonymous 2020-7-8 10:47;09
He is excellent musician so he might become perfect president in US.

KW 2020-7-14 22:51;02
Just kidding.

Anonymous 2020-7-19 07:54;00
Nobady believe it.

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